Ethical Jewelry

Jewelry is a term used to describe any piece of jewelry created with ethical principles in mind. These principles could include human rights, the environment, or any number of other things. There is no specific set of ethical jewelry standards because the definition of ethical jewelry is subjective. Still, many aspects coincide with being true to these principles, and choosing ethically made jewelry becomes more critical.


Ethical jewelry is jewelry manufactured from ethical sources or from resources that aren’t exploited, harvested, or abused. Ethical jewelry often makes use of materials that have been sustainably mined and used. Sustainable jewelry also means jewelry that utilizes resources that are resource-friendly and that aren’t exploited or abused. Some famous examples of ethically made jewelry include pieces made from natural gemstones, Fair Trade jewelry, organic jewelry, handcrafted pieces, vintage-inspired pieces, ethnic and traditional jewelry, Asian and Native American jewelry, vintage and tribal jewelry, etc. In addition, certain manufacturers choose to use only renewable resources, such as coconut shells, which have been used for centuries to create jewelry.

An ethical jewelry brand can be made up of different types of resources, many of which are sustainable. For instance, a luxury brand that produces organic earrings might also source ethically made jewelry from rainforests. The manufacturer would also be proud to tell buyers that the earrings were crafted by a team of artisans from different locales and that each piece was unique. By choosing a company that offers this combination of resources, consumers are assured that they buy only jewelry created by workers who live in places where their communities benefit from sustainable tourism.

Ethical Jewelry is not limited to artisan communities only; major manufacturers also work with local communities when creating quality jewelry. When collaborating with these communities, companies must work with government officials and independent monitors to ensure that workers are not mistreated and that the products are produced in a way that promotes sustainability. When purchasing Ethical Jewelry online, it is essential to purchasing from an online retailer that ensures that its Ethical Jewelry products are produced ethically and with fair labor.

Ethical jewelry brands are often purchased in bulk quantities, enabling them to impact a market that traditionally purchases little significantly. By purchasing in bulk, these businesses can lower their manufacturing costs, which further decreases the price of each piece. Furthermore, because the supply chain is so vital to the success of most Ethical Jewelry brands, purchasing online also enables buyers to reduce shipping costs. This allows buyers to purchase large quantities and pass along savings to customers.

Ethical Jewelry companies, both large and small, benefit from purchasing Ethical Jewelry in bulk. Not only does this allow them to keep down the cost per piece, but it also allows them to create enough stock to meet future demand without having to resort to selling off surplus stock. As a result, ethical jewelry brands such as Burberry, Caviar, and Chopard remain highly popular and can be found in high-end department stores all over the world. While this may not apply to every buyer, it illustrates the level of popularity these brands enjoy, as buyers desire these styles and pieces and want to patronize them.

The materials used in Ethical Jewelry production are also carefully considered. By choosing responsibly sourced and replenished materials, ethical jewelry brands ensure that their Ethical Jewelry is not creating a dangerous environmental impact by using metals or precious metals that come from areas where toxic waste is abundant. Additionally, when Ethical Jewelry is purchased in bulk, such brands can provide significant funding to projects in developing countries, such as those supporting education, development, and women’s empowerment. For these reasons, Ethical Jewelry has become a vital force in the environmental community and remains on an upward trend as people seek out products that promote sustainability.

Ethical Jewelry is often produced in small runs, allowing the artisan to sell off their pieces without becoming collectibles. Each piece is unique, allowing buyers to become impressed with a piece even before they lay a finger on it. Ethical jewelry is a brand to be respected by consumers due to its commitment to fair labor and environmental policies. Furthermore, Ethical Jewelry companies use techniques that do not involve the employment of minors or slaves. These ethical practices also allow ethically made jewelry to have a larger market and increase in value as its potential resale increases. As more companies turn towards Ethical Jewelry to create their products, it is expected that ethical style jewelry will continue to grow in recognition. In addition, buyers will become increasingly concerned about how their money is being utilized.